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Awakenings 2024


Awakenings: a series of live ambient, electronic and experimental music events showcasing new and established acts in the fields of live ambient and electronic music. 

Advance tickets can be purchased online through Paypal, just click on the button. 
All prices are in GBP, but you can use any currency as payments are calculated at the current exchange rate. 
The standard ticket price includes a FREE mp3 Virtual Ticket (VT) that will be made available to download after the gig. 
If you only want a virtual ticket click the VT Paypal link. 
Advance tickets (including VTs) will only be available to purchase online until the day before the gig. 
Tickets for those attending will be held on the door. 
Standard and virtual season tickets are available until the day before the first concert for those who want to attend/get a VT for ALL Awakenings performances of the year as detailed below. [This year this will be the 18th March]

Doors at 5:30pm, performances from 6pm - except all-dayer, doors 12:30pm for 1:00pm start

Awakenings present:






#90: Ron Boots with Harold van der Heijden
and David Wright with Carys
16th March 2024 15
#91: Perge, The Garwin Project and Gagarin 4th May 2024 15
#92: MR Collective, Modulator ESP & Plyci 28th September 2024 15
#93: All-dayer: Hyperkube, BySenses, Owann, TheMidician & Alain Kinet 2nd November 2024 25

Awakenings season ticket:

Season Ticket: The 2024 season ticket will include the following: All Awakenings evening concerts & the All-dayer, it can be used to attend and/or get all the VTs for the year.
[only available until day prior to first concert]
Season ticket for all dates above. 60

Artists interested in performing should contact Phil Booth  
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